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Reaganism, New Jersey Style

If you think that Snooki getting socked in the kisser during an episode of “Jersey Shore” epitomizes life in the Garden State, you haven’t been paying attention. The best reality show on television today isn’t running on MTV. It’s in Trenton, where Gov. Chris Christie is offering the voters a dose of Reagan Republicanism—with a [...]


  • Standing up for its own security and survival, Israel has defied the United States. According to the Daily Telegraph, Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote to President Obama rejecting his request to stop Jewish settlements in Jerusalem. #
  • A doctor in Sarasota, Florida, accidentally aborted a healthy twin instead of one with Down's Syndrome. Dr. Matthew Kachinas says he "screwed up", according to the Miami Herald. The issue raises serious ethical issues, namely whether an abortion is okay if the baby is less than perfect, or whether aborting a healthy baby is a worse offense than aborting an unhealthy one. #

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